Why the name?

On the scale of keeping it traditional with some real bread and wine or making it safe and contemporary with a stale wafer and some juice, I can’t think of a better communion than a tasty saltine cracker and some fizzy grape soda.

So, my blog finds its name from my ideal communion articles.

About Me:

I am the pastor of Narrative Church in Tigard, OR. This blog is my place to put things down into writing - material from my sermons, my own thoughts, or anything else useful.


My head tends to be filled with a simmering caldron of dozens of influences that cross a gamut of theology and philosophy, nicely seasoned with my own experiences, thoughts, and processes. As I serve something up out of this mess, in a sermon, blog post, or personal interactions, I don’t always get a chance to recognize or realize where one thought or another comes from.

Was that a word-for-word quote I somehow recalled from a sermon I heard 10 years ago? A thought from a book I read only 6 months ago? Or my own invention?

Sometimes it gets a little hazy in the middle of continually ingesting and digesting thoughts. Thus, in case attribution gets missed in a post or a sermon, here is a list - in no particular order - of some who influence my thoughts from years past and/or presently:

NT Wright, Rowan Williams, Stanley Hauerwas, Scot McKnight, CS Lewis, George MacDonald, Brian Zahnd, Greg Boyd, DB Hart, Christopher Wright, Samuel Wells, Michael Gorman, Brad Jersak, Paul Young, and I’m sure there are many that I am missing.

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